I got T.K.O.ed

Just a heads up to all my friends and Tyrant supporters. I won't be posting any blogs this week, I'll be staying at my parents place for most of the week. I ate it really bad at Newington Skatepark today and am in rough shape. I was knocked unconscious and taken to Hartford Hosptial by ambulance. I chipped one front big tooth tooth and totally lost the other one. Two of my bottom teeth got pushed in, but the doctors were able to fix those. I have 10 stitches in my lower lip and I fractured my face just above my top set of teeth. On top off all that I suffered a concusion and my chin, upper lip, and nose have road rash bad. I look like I'm straight out of a horror movie and feel like a freight train hit me. I wanted to post a picture that I had my mom take of me, but it is way too graphic! See you back at the park soon...I'll be riding in no time!!!

I have to have oral surgery done at the end of the week. I got my hands on my cat scan photos...pretty scary!

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skullhead said...

HOLY SHIT DUDE! Good to hear that you're doing ok. Here's to a speedy recovery!