Jay's Ramp Session

So the "old crew" rode at Jay's ramp tonight, and we were actually able to hold a conversation with one was nice for a change! Anyway, we had a good old time at Jay's, despite the fact that he got rid of the vert wall and a quarter. On the upside Jay added 2 wacky quarters on the deck of the mini ramp which made for some insane trickery. Schmidt was doing some nice downside pedal chinks, Jay was doing his crazy brakeless nosewheelies to manuals, I did a pretty rad transfer to smith wall stall, and Ashley pulled out a rad brakeless nosepick on the wall. Tonight begun the fall/winter sessions at Jay's and I'm sure dozens more are to follow. There are a few photos below and the rest are on Tyrant photos published on Flickr

Schmidt rides the "blue monster"

Ashley with a wallslap in the rafters

Me transfering out of the mini into a smith wall stall
Photo: Ryan Schmidt

Jay boosting his ramp into the rafters

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