Seeking refuge from the rain!

So the Pedal Power Crew met up in the parking garage in Middletown last night (it's 1 AM now so technically its a new day!) to ride some "street", if you could call it that. Basically, we have all had enough of the rain and we wanted to get outside and ride and there is no better place that the good old P.G. Steve A. was doing some high speed carves up the jersey barriers, Mike Stock was trying all sorts of trickey on his 26" bike, Matt Lolli was throwing down the flatland moves, and I crashed a lot trying to icepick a 3.5 foot wall...and I have a bloody left "swellbow" to show for it. We had a good old time and the whole crew came back to my place to chill and watch Road Fools 14 afterwards.

Steve A. carves fast and hard up the barrier

Me double pegging a whole 6 inches on an un-waxed barrier

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