Thursday Adventure: June 7th

This afternoon/evening was quite the freakin' adventure! Steve and I met up at Squatchville around 5 to get some riding in. Steve dumpster dove some awesome tarping material from the job site he's currently working at...and it couldn't of come at a better time! After 45 minutes of riding the sky turned pitch black and we heard rumblings of thunder in the distance. We scrambled to tarp the whole place off and made it out to the cars just as the rain began.

I stalked the in coming storm on my phone and saw on the radar that East Haddam looked to be dry, so we hustled out to the skatepark site to check on the progress while the storm passed. The park is looking so good, they added 2 grind boxes, a boob, and a bunch of small trannies and wedges are rebarred out and ready for crete. By then it was pushing 7pm, the rain had passed over the trails area, so Steve and I headed back over to see if the place was still rideable. On the way to the trails a bitchin' rainbow appeared, always a great sight!

We arrived back at the trails to find the place about 80% dry...thank you dense foliage and new tarps! We pulled the tarps on the High Life line and rode till it was too dark, sometime after 8. Super fun day for sure, can't wait for the next one.

Thursday Adventure Photos: CLICK HERE

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