Afternoon Adventure

After 2/3's of the day raining and being lazy dozing on and off on the couch, I motivated and headed out to the trails around 4:30. I arrived at the usual parking spot and on my way in I found Steve beside the brook looking perplexed. Yeah, the brook we usually tip toe over on rocks was a full on raging set of a solid 2-3' overflowing it's banks. We adventured through the woods looking for some boulders to jump across on, but nothing. The end result was Steve being brave and walking across a moss covered fallen tree 6' over the water in his slick Vans and me taking off my shoes and socks and wading across a thigh deep area that was slightly less gnarly.

It was no surprise that there were puddles the size of kiddie pools at the trails when we arrived. It rained like hell and the whole place showed very harsh signs of it. Lots of pitting, lots of erosion, lots of tuning up to be done! I decided since I was already wet and muddy from the water crossing I'd spend the rest of the afternoon working Huck Finn We dug for a solid 3 hours cleaning up the lip and lander in the High Life Line adding some height to each. We also tuned up the first berm and added a new roller after it in the Pump & Bump Line. The sun finally cracked and when it did it was eerie in the trails. There was a bunch of fog, it was humid as hell, and creepily quiet in there. All in all it was a good dig session and we got a lot done.

We rounded out the day heading over to Salmon River to clean off and take a dip. Once again, the place was moving really quick due to all the rain. It was cold and it took some effort not to let the current sweep us away, but it was refreshing after all the digging. Loving Summer already, and it's not even here!

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