I typically avoid ranting and I usually keep my cool...but this one hit the right nerve. Congrats to you, whether you are a kid or pissed me off!

This is an anonymous comment I received on my "Boston Bound" post an hour ago...

"another shitty article about shitty riders doing shitty tricks. same shit, different day. this website sucks and none of you our ever getting sponsored"

Let me break it down for you pal...

1. Leaving an anonymous comment just screams out "I'm a huge pu$$y!"

2. It's a blog...not a newspaper. It's called a post, not an article!

3. Love the repetition of the word sh1t! Your vocabulary is obviously SH1Tty, you couldn't come up with better adjectives to dis me?!?

4. I can care less what you think of me, TYRANT, and/or our friends. I've said it a thousand times and I'll say it to the grave...we ride bikes cause it is fun, not to show boat...impress anyone...qualify for the X-GAYmes...or any other BS!

5. "Sh1tty tricks"? Sorry you don't see any triple tail whips, quadruple barspins or whatever lame a$$, box jump monkey, foam pit junkie garbage tweens are throwing down these days. Don't get me wrong, the evolution of the sport is mind blowing...but it's not for me...and not what TYRANT is about. (see #4 above!)

6. "our ever getting sponsored"? It's ARE...not OUR!! You're really showing us how incompetent you are!!! Secondly, I'm 31 years old...damn right I'm never getting sponsored! I ride cause it keeps me young at heart, allows me to socialize/meet amazing new friends, and once again...wait for's FUN! Kids nowadays need to take off their blinders and realize there is more to BMX than getting some free grips and a hand job from a company owner!

7. Plain and simple, you don't like the site...don't ever come back!

Rant over!
If you'd like to talk shit in person please feel free to come and chat anytime. I'd love to hear you out and see if your balls are as big in person!


tables and fables said...

Hahaha, how these assholes on the internet think it's all about getting sponsored and making it. I'll tell you that if you think it is, your not the guy that should be reading this or my blog. What Tony and I do takes a little something called heart. Maybe when your done being all about yourself you can begin to realize that bikes are more about friends and fun than, making it your job. And your right I do suck, and am damn proud of it.

ddudek257 said...

dude what a FAG, go back to your moms basement and STFU

ddudek257 said...

dude what a FAG, go back to hanging out in your moms basement and STFU said...

Tony and Derek, I strongly agree!