Boston Bound

I was heading up to Boston to pick up T from Logan at 8:45pm so I figured I'd make a day out of it. I got in touch with Tabler & Fabler Tony Long and he offered me up the opportunity to cruise Boston street with he and his friend Chip. After meeting the guys around 1 we hit up Harvard for some banks and wallrides. Sean Burns and some of the Bone Deth crew were already at the spot getting rad. It's always cool riding with new peeps at foreign spots...especially after seeing that new Burns Osiris edit filmed around Boston (and Providence). Tony, Chip and I made our way to a pool after Harvard and Tony was blasting tables in the 12ft end. I'm not gonna lie, I sat there and watched with my tail between my legs. I wasn't about to session that place without my helmet! I'd scramble my brain for sure!! I parted ways with the guys around 3 and made my way over to the Winthrop Skatepark for a solid hour session. All in all an awesome day in Boston. Really looking forward to getting back up here soon!

This dude!

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