Hump Day Sesh

Steve randomly had the day off from work so we hit up the Norwich and Baltic Skateparks. Of course, we were psyched to ride Norwich cause there would be no kids around...and 1/2 hour after we got there the school across the street got released on a half day. Sh1t luck at it's finest! To avoid the mob of tweens we made our way to the Baltic Park. Steve was getting rad with the place all to himself and our little buddy (who's name I still don't know) who seeks us out at Baltic was around. The little dude is all of 3 feet tall and he was shredding on my 22" Deuce Deuce with Perfect 10 bars...too funny! We hooked him up with some stickers and a TYRANT beanie and he was psyched. Awesome day for sure!!

Hump Day Photos: CLICK HERE

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