RIP: Basement Ramps

Well, the whole basement ramps idea was kinda short lived. The ramps were built in February, as Winter was winding down, and never really got ridden that much once the snow melted and the temps were on the rise. The house is for sale and the basement needs to get cleaned up and presentable for potential buyers...and ramps don't fall into that equation. I'm keeping the long 2' quarterpipe frame work to hopefully resurect into a new ramp down the road, but the rest of the basement ramps are up for grabs...and FREE!!! This 3.5' transition needs to go ASAP, along with the 2 rollers, and various sheets of masonite and plywood. If you're interested: CLICK HERE and arrange pick-up at the house in East Haddam. You'll def. need a truck or something big!

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