Lot and Stuff

WOW! I guess I've been a little behind on's been a week! We've been riding a lot, swimming out at T's cottage a bunch, and enjoying Summer now that it is officially here.

Sunday the Begin Militia adventured down to The Lot for a little 92ยบ BMX action. Damn it was hot out! It was fun watching Ethan and Nathan Begin popping through the roller line. Pops brought out the MTB but he didn't take it off the bridge drop like I wanted to see ;) Thanks for coming out guys!

Sunday Lot Photos: CLICK HERE

Last night a few of us met up at The Lot and rode in the on and off showers for 2 hours. Good times for sure. Steve got the new line cleaned up earlier in the day yesterday and it was riding pretty smooth. I took a lovely head first digger on the 4th set...such a scare...but I shook it off with no major injuries. Arnwine was cruising through the new line and threw down the first ever 360 over the last set...not bad for the kid who claims he's not a dirt jumper! It looks like we'll be getting showers each day this week which will be great to help keep the jumps solid and keep the deadly Lot dust down. Get out and ride!

Tuesday Lot Photos: CLICK HERE
Tuesday Lot Video on Crackbook: CLICK HERE

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