Wash Out!

So this weekend was totally lame! I was all pumped up for the time change, an hour+ more light to ride on Sunday night, and it rained all weekend! I tried to make the best of it Saturday and adventured over to CT Bike's park. I haven't ridden that park in 6 years and nothing has changed a bit since my last visit. The place is still a complete sh1t hole...but it was fun to ride there and it brought back a lot of old memories of the days when we rode that place 2-3 times a week in the Winter. Tiny TYRANT and his buddy Jake were getting rad on the vert ramp which was fun to watch. Today was a wash out, attempted to ride the basement ramps and that last a whole 10 minutes or so as I had no I returned to the couch. Looks like Tuesday through Friday is going to be gorgeous and sunny. You bet I'll be riding outdoors each day after work!


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