March Madness in Mass.

Arnwine, Brandon, and I headed up to Mass. on Saturday to meet up with Matty Still and some of the Team EAST/old MSC crew. We started our day at the Greenfield Park and it was sunny and 70 out...epic! I haven't been to that park is a solid 5-6 years, but it's still the same...a fun set-up. We rode there with Matty and Stan for a few hours before heading South to Easthampton. We had a little lunch at Matty's house (thanks again dude!) and hit up the Orchard Trails for a bit. The trails are really cool, but sadly the property owner no longer wants the guys riding in their so the trails are very neglected. As the day rolled on it cooled off a bit and we made our way over to the Northhampton cement park. The bowl at NoHo is no joke, 100% burly! Despite the fact that people were going off on their bikes pulling some big tricks, the highlight at NoHo was local Andrew Gilbert KILLING IT on his scooter! Yeah, I said scooter. The kid was boosting 3' bar spin airs over the 7' hip in the bowl and airing 3' out of the 10' bowl corner. So rad! We hit up a little wallride to cap the day and said our goodbye's. A huge thanks to Matty for his hospitality and tour guidesmanship ;) and to the riders up there for coming out to have a good time and show us around. We'll def. be back numerous times this Spring and Summer!

Mass. photos: CLICK HERE

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