Sunday East Side Sessions

Yesterday's Riding on the Eastside trip ended up being somewhat of a bust. A few people were sick and a dozen people were lazy and bitched out yesterday morning to stay local and ride the same damn places they ride on a weekly basis. Does anybody have a sense of adventure anymore? LAME! Anyway, the few people that did come out had a super fun time and we had 3 solid sessions at 3 very cool cement parks. The weather was amazing, people were getting rad, and nobody got it was an ideal day after all. A huge thanks to Brett and Shamus for trekking down from Mass. to ride with us. We'll definitely be riding Baltic and Owen Bell a lot this year since each of them have lights at night and are 10x more fun that the shotty Clinton prefab park. We're already planning a Riding on the Westside trip for sometime in April to hit up the Milford park, the new Fairfield park, and a few other cement gems.

Next weekend is the time change, that means after work riding will begin since we'll have some light! So psyched!

Riding on the East Side photos: CLICK HERE

Steve blasting a table over a big gap at Norwich

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