Milnes on MidWest Mayhem

Here is Sean's recap of last weekends MidWest Mayhem Comp...

Midwest Mayhem was f-ing rad! Friday, I landed at the airport and was picked up by Madison Wisconsin transplant Tom O'hara. He received, built, and tuned my bike. Thanks buddy. We went over to Ben's Cycle to meet up with the rest of the guys that had flown in. Street riding went down from there. I was fresh off of injury and completely overwhelmed by the presence of all of these great riders. I learned hop 360's! We went out for some decent mexican food where I was bathed in ice water by the waiter. Thanks Man! After an awkward towel down from another member of the wait staff we took a cold ride back to our home away from home and headed out for some more night riding. We sessioned a nice mellow stair set. All City rider, Mike Carney, threw down some smooth 180s. Volume rider Eric Puckett hit some nice bar spins. AJ Austin of Milwaukee Bikes was doing tuck no handers and I was clicking some decent x-ups. We finished up our riding with a visit to Marquette Universities local dive bar. Amazing! You can still smoke in bars and they play Pantera! Love it.

Saturday was spent sleeping and eating before the comp. We all headed down to the premier of The Revival, ate some dinner and loaded up Ben's Cycles brand new, used, Sun Ringle box truck. We threw all the bikes in and headed out to the comp. Cream City Skatepark is amazing. Smooth trannys, a sick bowl, wall rides for days! Everyone threw down as hard as the could. The highlights include Ed Wonka's ridiculous wallride to flat, easily 9 ft off the ground. Tom Lamarche 360 off a ledge barely wide enough to walk on (on a fixed this aint easy). Puckett barspinned the long ass five stair set, AJ was doing tuck no hander airs on the vert wall. local ripper Antonyo hit fixed ridings first documented footjam nose pick on a quarter. So ridiculous! I threw a wheelie down the 5 stair rail and Torey Thornton immediately followed with a pedal feeble down it. My favorite trick of the night and favorite rider was Mike Schmitt! This kid is 20 from Richmond Virginia. He threw down an acid drop out of the rafters in to the steepest bank at the park. Amazing! I have to say, in my opinion, the smoothest and most consistent rider was John Prolly. The nicest cab 360 ive seen and a beast of a 180 down the stair set.

Sunday was for sleep and hanging out, boxing bikes and saying farewell. Many thanks are in order- Sam Erickson for putting us up and driving our asses aroundDrew at Bens Cycle for being rad and helping make this thing happenShea, Chris, Antonyo for throwing the comp! Cream City for hosting!Josh and Open Bicycle for sponsoring me and helping me out! Thanks for everything! You make it all happen for me! Tony Tyrant for the awesome threads! Cant wait for the new shit! thanks for the support man!and all the new friends I made! AJ, Carney, Tom, Torey, Wonka, Peru, Jesse, Schmitt, Mosher and Puckett! See you all soon! and John Prolly for the support and blog posts!

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