January Thaw

BONKERS! January 16th...50 degrees and sunny! Arnwine, Steve and I met up around noon and headed over to the Wethersfield Skatepark. Just about every park in the state is covered in snow, but thanks to Team Shovel Lovin' lead by Sal Cianci, the Wethersfield park was clear and rideable. The park was pretty crowded but it didn't stop Bry and Steve from getting in their runs and enjoying the gorgeous weather. At around 3 we headed over to the Cromwell park to scope out the situation. It appears somebody cleared off some lines here and there, but it was a def. half a$$ job cause all the surrounding snow melted and flooded the park. FYI...if you're gonna shovel off that park do it all or nothing....cause a clear park that's got flooded flats is a tease! The only clean area was the mini so the guys sessioned that for a bit. Wow, it was great to be outside in the sunshine without a jacket, scarf, and beanie on. Gotta love global warming!

January Thaw Photos: CLICK HERE

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