Finally Back at Haven

Wow, it's been a month since I was last at Haven. I got immersed in all the Holiday madness, New Years, etc. and had to take a brief hiatus for some family and friends time. Anyway, Arnwine and I came out of hibernation and we hit up Haven last night and it was a pretty solid session. Tiny TYRANT was throwing his bars and his crew of friends were all going off...damn kids are getting good! Arnwine pulled out a hop whipped into the stair bank which was awesome seeing he hasn't ridden in over a month. Schmidt and Steve were ripping up the bowl and fullpipe getting some pretty serious height in the cradle. We ended up hanging out 45 minutes into the skate session to watch CT skate legend Hammer get rad in the bowl. Nothing like an over 30 dude throwing down hand plants and watching the youngins' bug out! Hammer's still ripping after all these years...and he's gonna be a daddy soon. Congrats dude! All in all, the typical super fun session at Haven!

Haven Photos: CLICK HERE

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