Full House @ Haven

Wow, Haven was PACKED last night. I've never seen so many riders there for a regular session. Walking in you would of sworn there was a contest or pro demo going on...the place was infested with teenie boppers! After 1/3 of the masses cleared out at 9 the late session went down till 12:30am. The bowl was getting sessioned pretty heavy and Arnwine was looking super comfy on his bike. I think the week off due to sickness did Bry good! Bry got his Canadian nosepicks back, was almost getting his tables inverted, and pulling some nice pedal stall variations on and over the spine. T was riding the bowl for a long time with Jamison Bazinet and the 2 were looking really smooth. T was getting the hang of pumping the tranny's as I was barking orders that she wasn't allowed to pedal in the flat bottom :) She's going to be popping out of the coping in the near future! I'm pretty sure most people would admit that the highlight of the night was watching Chris Childs flair the smallest transition/wedge in the addition to blasting everything else throughout the night! Go look at the photos...bonkers!!! Another super fun night at Haven as expected!

I have to send a shout out to Macisco for flowing me some new Odyssey Pro Race forks. Sweet! Thank you!

Haven Photos: CLICK HERE

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