West Nile Session

Blachura, Arnwine, Steve Morse, and I rode The Lot last night for 3 hours. It was super humid and the masquitos were on a war path to infect us with West Nile! Everybody was riding really well, which is always awesome to see. Blachura spooked us early on in the session taking a serious dirt nap after landing a huge tailwhip with his front wheel a little turned. The grunt sound Dave made when he hit the ground echoed across The Lot. Glad to see he shook it off in a few minutes and continued to rip the rest of the evening. Arnwine threw out a superman, huge no footer, and a few other tricks taking us by surprise. Bry was also landing fuf's on the sub-log well after dark with nothing but my car headlights to provide a bit of light. Steve Morse came to ride the jumps for the first time and hadn't jumped anything half as big as the kickers at The Lot in 5-6 years. Sure enough, 2nd run Steve throws out a table/indown over the 1st set and a huge can-can over the 2nd. Steve is going to be part of the regular riding crew now that he is back in CT and he'll be repping TYRANT.

Looks like we'll be riding Guilford on Wednesday night if anybody is around and we'll be at the Haven BMX Bowl Jam all Saturday afternoon/evening. Bring some extra spending cash and support TYRANT...buy a shirt, $10!

West Nile Session Photos: CLICK HERE

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