Last Sunday of Summer

Well yesterday wasn't technically the last Sunday of Summer, but September is already here and in my book that is the beginning of Fall! Arnwine, Jake, and I rode Newington for a few hours for the first time in months. Despite the lousy pre-fab ramps that place can be fun from time to time. Bry pulled out the rail ride to tailwhip which turned some heads and Jake was doing his typical 8 foot high helmetless flairs...suicide! The 3 of us headed over to Wethersfield mid-dafternnon and Schmidt ended up making it out, the first time we've seen him on a bike in months. We rode the park for a bit and sessioned a really shady fiberglass picnic table on its side as a wallride that the locals set up. We ended the days riding over at Cromwell, which was infested with skaters. Arnwine, T, and I headed out to Mohegan Sun to see my co-workers band play at the Wolf's Den @ 7pm. Not a bad way to say goodbye to Summer, a warm, sunny day of riding with friends and a fun night rocking out to a little Southern Rock sipping on some sodas. See you in September!

A few photos: CLICK HERE

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