Saturday Session: North & South

Mother Nature finally gave us a break from the rain so Arnwine, T, and I got out and rode the day away. We headed North to the Newington Skatepark at 10:30 and rode for 2 hours. It was so damn humid out! Despite the sticky, nasty weather Arnwine manned up and landed his first manual to tailwhip. Yeah boy! After a brief siesta in the shade of a nearby tree shoveling some Taco Hell bean burritos down the hatch we headed South to the Guilford Skatepark. Last week I was shocked to see some photos of kids on mountain bikes riding a grafitti covered Guilford Skatepark. It was total news to me that the park was still around and I was psyched to hear the park is no longer supervised or $5 to ride. The last time I rode Guilford was 4 years ago!!! (2005 photos.) We rode Guilford for 3 hours and had a great time. Bry was boosting the quarter and throwing down whips over the hip, T was jumping the box jump which totally impressed me, and I was just dorking around like usual. No rain & no major injuries + lots or riding = great saturday!

Saturday Photos: CLICK HERE

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