Saturday @ Highland

"Tiny TYRANT", Arnwine, Blachura, Stock, Joe D., and myself road tripped it up to Highland yesterday to get dirty. Mike and Joe shredded the downhill trails most of the day while the rest of us rotated between the small jump park, big jump park, and mulch pit...Highlands take on the foam pit. The folks at Highland gave me a "Media Pass" for the day so I could take the lift up and shoot photos of the guys...which was much appreciated! Thank You! Late in the day we all made our way to the top of the mountain and the guys took a few group runs down NE Style and then again down Hellion with me chasing them for photos. Bryan and Brandon, the 2 non-mountain bikers, hopped on Joe and Dave's spare MTB's and gave downhill a try. Brandon looked right at home on Dave's new Sinister DNA boosting the wallride on NE Style and jumping all the tables. Bryan was pretty comfy on Joe's dual suspended Jamis and gave the wallride and some of the jumps a go. I'll be honest, I was pretty impressed, those 2 held their own. Are we going to see these 2 riding MTB more often? As usual, Blachura and Stock were ripping it mach speed and blasting up, over, and off everything in their path and Joe was right there with them. All in all it was a super fun day of riding...and shooting photos. I'll be headed back up with Blachura on the 27th when he rides the Open Slopestyle Competition for a chance to qualify for the Claymore Challenge pro competition in July.

Highland Photos: CLICK HERE

"Tiny TYRANT" Brandon Boosting

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