Saturday I'm Hustlin', Hustlin', Hustlin'!

So I've jumped aboard Team Ghostship for Saturday's Hustle & Flow Competition at Highbridge Park in NYC. I'll be filling in for Matt Lolli on the road bike hillclimb leg of this team relay race. Lolli is heading due North eh? to hang with the Canucks up in Motreal. After the race in the morning there will be a jump jam at the Highbridge Trails and Arnwine is coming along to get rad in on the dirt jumps. All in all it should be a fun day of madness and mayhem! A little road biking, a little dirt jumping, a little street riding in Manhatten, and lots of fun! If you're bored Saturday get your a$$ up to Highbridge Park and come cheer us on and ride some dirt. Stay tuned for photos and video early next week!

The Highbridge Trails Pump Track

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