2009 Update

So the New Year is here and it doesn't feel any different than last year. My New Year's resolution is to get back on my BMX bike sometime in the near future. It's officially been 5 months since I've ridden. Still shaking out the cobwebs from my Summer '08 crash and trying to muster up the balls to hop back on the bike. I got my mouth guard last week to protect my already busted grill, now I just need a new helmet. I'll be down at Haven riding sometime this month...

has been shredding, the Winter cold and snow aren't holding him back. Brandon has been shoveling off his backyard ramp in between snow storms and when he's not riding that he's at Haven or the Bristol Park. I see he's been messing with some footplant trickery...nice!

has been doing all kinds of stuff in the past few months, but he's been dedicating the majority of his time to beard growing. When not trying to impersonate Grizzly Adams, Schmidt has been terrorizing West Hartford/Hartford on his fixed gear and hitting the ramps down at Haven.

The TYRANT Store is doing well. I had a number of orders for the holidays and I'm currently in the process of finishing a few new designs. T's shirt design should be up sometime this month and I've been in touch with Shawn Hebrank about a design. 2009 looks to be a good year!

Ride bikes, have fun!

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