Late Night @ Haven

Thanks to everyone that showed up to the first Pedal Power Haven Skatepark rental of 2009 last night....good times for sure! It was rad to see some old friends come out and some new faces as well. Some of the Scorchers on fixed gears, mountain bikers, a rollerblader, a flatlander, and a ton of BMX shredders all going off. The highlights of the night were the fixed gears guys jumping the pyramid and Todd and CT Drew having a freestyle walk-off. Bonkers! I shot tons of photos, CLICK HERE to check 'em out!

Bryan Arnwine throwing down the tailwhip over the pyramid


Scorchers New Haven said...

Thanks for the hospitality!
The pix are great. Scorchers are thinking this could be a monthly event! said...

Last Sunday of every month 9-11pm. You guys are always welcome to come.
If we can get a few more heads or people don't mind fronting a few more bucks we can make it 9-Midnight! Based on the other night I think people would eat up that extra hour.