Happy New Year...go ride Bristol!

So as of January 1st bikes are permitted in the new Bristol Skatepark 3 days a week. I'm not sure what the exact weekdays are but I know Saturdays all day are fair game. I'm heading over to Bristol on Saturday to ride with hopes of meeting up with Schmidt, Tiny TYRANT, and dragging Arnwine out to shred. Come ride!

REMEMBER: NO PEGS, unless they are plastic and STAY OUT OF THE BOWL!


Scorchers New Haven said...

No pegs?
Does that mean I can't do grinds with my board?
People and their rules...

...or is it that they don;t want you riding the bowl with a ghetto-hitchhiker on your back??? said...

Yeah, the town initially banned bikes, so no pegs in better than no bikes. The rules are all bikes must have no pegs or plastic pegs, plastic bar ends, and no bikes allowed in the bowl. Skateboarders are allowed to trash whatever they want and smash the shit our of the pool coping with their skate trucks...cause its a "skatepark" and they have rights to everything. LAME! but again, better than no bikes at all.