"The Lot"

So I finally made it out to "The Lot" tonight, the place where Arnwine and Blachura have been riding a often. The place is huge and has a ton of potential!!! Right now there is a few dirt hits and a monster wooden kicker to lander. As usual Blachura was hucking himself 10-12' off the 6' lip throwing down backflips, lofty 360's, and no footed tricks with ease. I was pretty impressed with Arnwine, the street shredder can jump now! Bry was corking out some pretty 360 flatties and coming so, so close to landing tailwhips. I'm talking 8 foot boost, to whip, to 1 foot on the frame. He'll have them dialed in a week or two...I'm willing to bet on it! Thanks to Steve, who's family owns "The Lot", for letting me come out to shoot some film and check out the area. Goodtimes, can't wait to go back...especially to help dig and stack some rad new lines! Lots of photos as usual, CLICK HERE.

Blachura bomb drop can-can at dusk

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