CrossVegas....its on!

So the start list for next weeks CrossVegas "Wheelers & Dealers" race was posted today and its a gnarly field. Pro's like Mark McCormack are racing in the "Wheelers" race...WTF? Anyway, the 100 rider race will be scored at the finish based on 4 categories. I'll be scored as a "Retailer" since Pedal Power got me into the race, and there are only 28 other riders in that bracket...including Lolli. Looks like I have to kick 27 people off their bikes in 30 minutes to take the win cause there is no way this beat up body of mine is getting me there! HA HA HA! In addition to a ton of riders they are expecting 5,000+ spectators to attend the race...that's nuts!

Rumor has it Lance Armstrong will be racing in the "Wheelers & Dealers" race. Holy sh!t, I'm going to get run over!

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