Some News...

So here is the latest...

I haven't ridden my BMX bike in almost 2 weeks...been hammering out the miles on the cross & road bikes getting ready for CrossVegas next month. I think I'm going to ride Haven tomorrow night, anybody in?

"Tiny TYRANT" Brandon Begin is at Woodward this week. I'm scared to see what wacky tricks the kid is going to come home with this year.

Jason Patrician will be joining us for 4 days out at Interbike. Jason is coming out to check out the CrossVegas race, shoot some film, check out Interbike, and raise hell on the Vegas strip with the rest of us!

How many days in a row can we have "scatered thunderstorms". Mother Nature is being a bitch this Summer and its starting to put a damper on my riding schedule!

That's it...go ride!

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