So apparently some kids got nabbed riding at Wesleyan a few days ago and took some serious heat from public safety and the Middletown PD. Rumor has it the kids narc'd on everyone that rides at Wesleyan and apparently I am one of those people. HA HA HA, I'm not that dumb my friends, I haven't ridden up there since I moved out of Middletown years ago! I'm told the kid was blabbing about TYRANT a bunch and all the "TYRANT riders" that ride at Wesleyan. WTF? Get your facts straight kiddies, or keep your mouths shut! You can talk about TYRANT all you want if your spitting the truth...if you're throwing us into the fire for no reason we're going to have issues! Take a look at all the street riding photos and videos I've posted from Middletown over the years, you only see a single clip from Wesleyan and that was the night we got spoken to back in 2006! Haven't ridden there since! I can take a hint. It's trespassing, and I don't need the headaches!

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Albie Rock said...

weak sauce tattlebabyhead 'baggery.
battle-bike barbarians know the real truth:
snitches get stitches.
if you cant stand the heat, don't speak on that hot hot fire, right?

'tarded, son,
i'm sayin'....