Out of Comission

So I took a digger at the East Hampton Skatepark Funraiser on Saturday and knocked my self out of commission for 3-5 weeks with some stitches, a fracture, some road rash, and a seriously bruised ego! Why is it that the stupid little crashes always results in the worst injuries. With that said, I'll be doing a lot of self reflection, photo shooting, and artwork over the course of the next month I'll be off the bike. I can't begin to tell you how much this hurts. No, not the physical hurt...the mental hurt. I've been training my a$$ for cross season and CrossVegas and now there is a chance I may not be racing at all out at Interbike. This coming Sunday's first cross race of the season is surely a no go for me, but I'm going hitch a ride with Lolli and be sag support, fan club, photojournalist. All wounds heal in due time, but I have no patience!!! :(

6 stitches needed to close the crater


shawn hebrank said...

that thing is gnarly.
heal up quick, dude.

Anonymous said...

dude i was riding there after u went down we rode there from colchester to ride with you tyrant guys. we need mroe jams liek that locally. especially in colchester but our town is against bmxing so its a lost cause but i hope i meet you other tyrant guys eventually i met jake lineberry. hes so smooth and skilled said...

For sure dude, I love riding the Colchester Sk8 Park. I could ride that spine all day!!!