WOW! yesterday was so much fun and totally insane! The trip was tweaked a little, the original idea of 12 riders, 12 hours, 12 stops ended up being 23 riders, 13.5 hours, and 4 stops. Over the course of the day we met up with tons of people so really only about 6-8 of us rode all day long. The trip was every bit of a takeover! We met at the Newington Skatepark and owned the place for 3 hours, we headed to the Wethersfield Park and all the skaters scattered and we took that place over for another 3 hours, then we headed to P. Krol's backyard jumps in Middletown and took over his whole neighborhood, and we ended the night with a short street session in Middletown...great times! No major injuries to report, just some cuts and scrapes here and there. A huge thanks to everyone that came out to ride (especially Macisco driving up from Milford just to ride dirt for 2 hours), met up with us along the way, bought TYRANT merchandise, etc. A super huge thanks to Peter Krol for letting 18 riders come and overtake his house and ride his backyard for 5 hours. All in all the day was nuts!

VIDEO: see below!

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