The Day After...

So after an epic day of riding Sunday, "Tiny TYRANT" Brandon, Tina, and I headed back out bright and early Monday morning. Brandon crashed at our place Sunday night so we figured we'd head out and ride a few parks before his mom came and got him. After tending to T's bruises from Wethersfield and a quick breakfast pit stop we were on our way North to the Windsor Skatepark. The Windsor Park is pretty fun, lots of cool lines if you use your imagination and like to manual. I'm not going to lie, after a half hour of riding we were dead! Sunday's 13.5 hours was taking its toll on us as was the sun, 85 degree temperature, and humidity. The session was short lived...we packed the car and headed to the Newington Park where Brandon was getting picked up. We rode Newington for about an hour before we decided we were in fact done! Sunburned, tired, and sore from the day before and ready for a nap. The 3 of us dropped the bikes and hung out in the shade under a tree chatting it up for an hour till Brandon's ride came. Mother Nature got the best of us!

Some photos were taken, which can be viewed HERE.

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