Totally Crossed Out!

Man, I've been a riding fool the past few weeks! I've been putting in solid miles in the woods, on the road, and on the hills getting ready for cross. Exactly 1 month till the first race of the New England Cyclocross Season and I am so psyched! I found a few hidden gems cutting through the wilderness not too far from my house and have been honing in my singletrack skills. I feel like I'm in solid shape, but the true test will be at next months race. I love BMX, road is fun, but oh man...there is something about cross that gets my blood pumping. So rad, I'm so ready!

Don't know a thing about cyclocross? Chech this out!

Want to come watch cross, come to these races!
October 10-11:
Gran Prix of Gloucester – “The New England Worlds”
Stage Fort Park, Gloucester Massachusetts (C2/C2)

The final run-up @ the 2007 Palmer Cross. Photo by T.

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