T & T Trails

So after much anticipation, I've started working on the new trails. These aren't going to be the next Posh or Nam (if you don't know what those are do some damn research!), but they'll be fun. I'm planning out a small 10 pack, a large 6 pack, a rollers section, a dirt bank to wallride (like at Baker's Acres) and a few rad berms thrown in. The jump lines and rollers are all on a gradual downhill, so expect little to no pedaling! This is going to take a lot of time and effort, but I am cheating a little by having my cousin bring in his Kabota tractor to get dirt mounds piled up and packed so I can start sculpting out the transitions. Before any building occurs I have a lot of brush to clear and a few trees to take down. I'm determined to have everything 100% complete and dialed by late Fall. No worries about getting this place plowed or outsiders ruining stuff, the trails are on T's land and its private property. SICK!

Big 6 pack coming soon

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