New Rides!

So a few of us stepping it up and building up new rides. Bryan Arnwine just got his hands on a raw 20.6" Fly Campillo frame thanks to Vic at Circuit BMX. Bryan just bought the raw Fly Tierra forks last week so this bike is going to look super hot and be really light! I'll have some photos posted early next week. I'm looking at a 21.25" raw We The People Lo-Fi. Before I can grab the new frame I have to be sure that I have an even trade/ or buyer for my LE Silverback 20.75" FBM Deployer. Hit me up via if you are interested in my frame package below.

(Frame, Shadow Seat Post Clamp, Sealed Magnesium Odyssey Cielinski Pedals, and a 29T Titanium Profile Imperial Sprocket)

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