Kink @ Haven

Some of the Kink team showed up to Haven Skatepark last night to ride the BMX session. Arnwine and I headed down to ride and check out the madness. Lots of people going off...what else is new. Bry looked comfy on his new bike and I was so psyched on my new ride. So long, so tall, super comfortable. It's nice to feel at home on my bike again! It was great to see Don Pavelka, Ben Church, Matty Branscombe, and a bunch of other BMX friends I don't get to see on a regular basis. Good times for sure! Aftwer leaving Haven at midnight, Bry and I drove all the way up to Hartford and rode street till almost 2 AM. Gotta love late nights on the bike! Head over to TYRANT's Flickr to check out a bunch of photos!

Don Pavelka tailwhipping the box jump lip

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