Tyrant on

So to my suprise, I found out that Steve A. and I are both pictured in's "Readers Photos" section thanks to everyone's favorite cameraman Matt Lolli. For those of you who don't know WoozyBMX is a rad online magazine based out of Germany. You may have seen ads for it in the Props movies or DIG Magazine. Anyway, Matt has been shooting a dozen rolls a week and apparently he submitted a couple photos to WoozyBMX and they were accepted. Check it out at WoozyBMX and click on the "Readers Photos" link in the middle after entering the site. I love how the Europeans call abubacas "blunts", like the skateboard term "blunt stall". Thanks Matt for shooting the photos and getting M-Town on the map. Congrats to you too for getting your photos in front of a world wide audience!

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