Vegas her I come....again!

So we had our "big meeting" at Pedal Power tonight and low and behold we are off to Interbike for the 2nd year in a row. Not only will we be going back to the largest bicycle trade show in the world this year, but 10 faithful shop employees will be going. I am so psyched to see the latest and greatest the industry has to offer and I'm even more psyched to see Vegas's a whole new world! You can be sure that Tyrant is going to get its fair share of exposure this year. Now that the website is up and I have a bunch of new shirts and stickers I have to promote.

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skullhead said...

Great photo Tony! That gave me a well needed laugh. By the way, did you book us a hotel for the Ghosthunter's Union Trade Expo (GUTE) the week prior to Interbike? I hope so. I spent a small fortune to secure a booth space! Who's working on the backdrop this time? I need answers!!!!