PK's Dirt Jam

Tonight was PK's dirt jam and overall it was a good time. Lots of riders showed up and some great riding went down. What really pissed me off was the total lack of respect by a small portion of the juvenile delinquints that showed up. The cops showed up early in the evening to warn us about the parking situation on the road, the noise, and to make sure nothing shady ws going down. After a brief talk we were all set to ride again. Common sense would tell the average idiot that if the cops came once they won't hesitate to come again and shut the whole jam down. Well a select few jackasses decided it would be fine to rip around the yard and neighborhood on their dirt bikes which are noisy as all hell. When I took it upon myself to get PK's back and ask one of the idiots to park the bike I got nothing but "shit talk" back from him and spit in my face. Thank God for lessons learned in the past and self control, because if this happened to me back in the day Jr. would of been picking his teeth up off the ground! It really makes me sick to see how down right disrespectful and rude the kids of today are. PK is sticking his neck out letting us all come tear up his yard and ride and no appreciation is shown, just disrespect!

Bryan Arnwine with a manly fufanu

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