Grapefruit anyone?

There is nothing like a fun session with fellow riders. Tonight we had one of those sessions in Krol's dirty backyard. Its great to just pump through the trails effortlessly; just rolling along jump to jump. Flowing through the jumps is great, but its those split second crashes, the ones you don't see coming, that end your night early and bring along a boat load of pain. I hit the first hip pretty slow...pumped the flat...and my front wheel washed out leading me to slap my right knee on the pedal, hit the dirt hard on my chest, and take a face full of soil. I hate those crashes, especially when I had both wheels on the ground and wasn't even out of control. Now I sit here writing this stupid blog entry, all frustrated because my chest has a 4" x 2" scrape across it, my hands are raw, and my right knee is literally the size of a grapefruit!

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