Skate vs. Bike Rant!

The skate vs. bike drama at East Haddam has been at an all time high the past week. People are fuming that the ledges are all busted up and apparently they feel sh1t talking and ghost riding their boards is going to resolve the issue?!?

Everyone out there knows damn well I was being a peg Nazi when the park first opened. As the rules stated "no pegs", but we were fortunate to get the town to allow plastic pegs/sleeves as an exception. We're quickly approaching the 1 year anniversary of the park and the snake ledge and sub box look like someone took a sledgehammer to them. Sucks! I'd be lying if I said I'm surprised! We all knew this was going to happen and we all questioned the no coping decision from the start. At this point, the ledges aren't magically going to fix themselves so I think griping about pegs on them is a moot point. I haven't seen much BMX action on the granite coping in the pool and do agree metal pegs need to stay off it! What pisses me off is the kids mouthing off that "It's a skatepark, not a bike park". Last time I checked, the skatepark committee that raised the funds to have the park built was made up of 80% BMX riders...most of who are still local and riding the park.

If the town is willing, I'm all for raising some cash to get some metal slapped on those ledges, even if it's just some angle iron. If not, on well. Shut your mouth and enjoy the park. Anything is better than nothing!

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