Wayside Plowed!

I noticed a jaw dropping photo appear on Schmidt's Facebook wall yesterday afternoon, The Wayside Trails had been plowed. Needless to say, I was sick to my stomach, it always stings to see any Connecticut spot destroyed…especially when it comes unannounced and happens out of nowhere...even if I wasn't a local and don't live in Berlin.

An article was posted in The Berlin Citizen back in October after the police "randomly discovered the trails after a noise complaint". Give me a break! Wayside has been around for over a decade and countless riders have passed through those trails over the years, they didn't just randomly appear over night and the cops and town knew damn well they were there. A legacy of BMX was flushed down the tubes today thanks to the Town of Berlin. Looking back at that article Town Manager Denise McNair wanted the trails plowed due to liability, so I'm sure she's the one who we owe the heartfelt fuck you to!

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