NYC Runnin'

New friends Derek and Scottish Steve made their way up from NYC to ride with Steve, Bry and I yesterday. First stop, the snake run. It rained for 2 straight days at the end of last week, and the leaves have been falling in mass amounts...there was no way I thought we'd be able to ride. To my surprise the run really wasn't that bad and 30 minutes of broom and rake action had the place pretty mint. It was a fun afternoon taking bomber runs, sessioning individual sections of the run, and chilling with friends. In the late afternoon we made our way down to the Guilford Skatepark. By then everyone was pretty tired, but we cruised for an hour or so and called it a day. Derek and Steve jumped on 95 to head back to NYC and we headed back North. Super fun day!

Check out Derek and Steve's work!

Snake Run/Guilford Photos: CLICK HERE

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