Mansfield Cross

I switched it up a bit today. Instead of the typical weekend BMX action I headed out to Mansfield to check out a few guys I knew give it hell in the 9am Cat. 4 cyclocross race. After a slow start, my buddy Matt Lolli (Ghostship / Twin Six & Pedal Power employee) worked his way through the pack taking the lead with 1.5 laps to go, say 2ish miles. Matt, on a single speed no less, held off the 3 chasing competitors all the way to the line and earned himself an 11 second victory. Dave D., former CCNS teammate of mine, edged out another rider at the line to take 3rd. To my surprise, Chad Allen's dad Jeff was racing with the 4's and rode a hell of a race. He could easily be racing Masters, but he held his own with the youngin's. All in all a great day of cross action. Looking forward to the upcoming Silk City and Chesire Cross races!

Mansfield Cross Photos: CLICK HERE

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