Rode on the East Side..again

Yesterday was the Riding on the East Side II event and it was a great turnout! We rolled into the Baltic Skatepark with 16 riders and the place was empty. We got in a solid 2 hours session before heading over to the new Plainfield. The new park out in Plainfield is pretty off the hook. The flowly layout allows for lots of boosting and speed. Good times for sure! We made our pit stop at Daily Grind and everybody was stoked on Chuck's shop. Imagine just about every BMX part in every color in stock. Daily Grind is dialed! A huge thanks to Chuck for the pizzas and air conditioning we were in desperate need of! We topped the day off at Owen Bell and sadly it was a pretty mellow session. The 85+ degree temps and sun kicked everyone's a$$ and we were all beat tired by the last park. No complaints though, we had an awesome day and I can't wait to do it again. Mass skatepark trip in September? Stay tuned...

Riding on the East Side II Photos: CLICK HERE

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