9 Day Drought, 3 Days Full On!

So I've been really busy, didn't ride for 9 days straight! I had to put a swift end to that! Bry and I rode the Newington and Cromwell Parks late last week. It was good to see Bry riding decent despite still recouping from a destroyed wrist. Saturday I spent 4 hours at Cromwell riding and getting roasted in the sun. Sunday Schmidt, Steve and I hit up the Southwick Trails. It had rained Saturday night so the trails were nice and tacky, pretty ideal conditions. Sadly, the session was cut short due to incoming severe thunderstorms and torrential rain. We shot South down to the Windsor Locks park for about 20 minutes before the storms caught up with us there too. The guys went home and ended the day at the Middlefield Park getting in a solid hour session with nobody there at all. Gotta love an empty park.

Being part of the over 30 crowd is rough, so sore today!


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