Sunset Ranch

Steve, Bry and I road tripped up to Mass. on Saturday to hit up the Sunset Ranch Trails in Hatfield. Chris Traverse and his army of local dirt slingers have done some serious digging over the past 6 months and the place is really coming along nicely. Logan Mitchell made the trip down from Keene to ride and shoot some photos. It was good to see him, it's been years since we last rode. We sessioned the trails for several hours, Chris did some grilling, and everyone had a good time. We made our way to the NoHo Park in the afternoon and the park session quickly turned into a wallride session at a near by cement slab. Steve gave it hell and boosted the wall way too high...Rad! The late afternoon plan was to hit up the Westfield Park, but a last minute call from Matty Still took us down to Easthampton for a little ramp action. All in all a kick a$$ day of riding, hanging with old friends, and loving the warm weather. Let's do it again soon!

Mass. Photos: CLICK HERE

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