Monday Trails: Joey's & Bongi's

I made my way down to Haddam yesterday afternoon to meet up with Chris Piascik and Ryan Staron and a posse of young rippers from the area to ride Joey's Trails. The place was super dry and crumbly, but we made the best of it and rode for a solid 3 hours. Ryan threw down a tailwhip over the first set, a solid 8-10 foot gap, and got everyone fired up! It's wild to see the next generation of BMXers riding a place I used to hit up 10 years ago. When we used to ride Joey's back in the day most of these kids were just getting out of diapers. Damn I'm getting old! I made an early evening call to Bongi and we made our way down the street to check out the 6 pack in his yard that he and Steve Baklik built in the Fall. The place is legit...true Haddam Trails style for sure. Big jumps requiring lots of speed! Bongi was blasting the set and local Ben Fitzpatrick was getting rad as well. Another fun day of trail riding in the books and it's only early May. Gonna be on hell of a Summer!

Trails Photos: CLICK HERE

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