Saturday Sessions: 3/19/11

Steve and I hit up the Middlefield Skatepark Saturday afternoon. I didn't even have my bike out of the car yet and some 3 foot tall weiner who couldn't of been any older than 12 or 13 felt the need to belt out "Skateboards Only" if that was gonna stop us from riding the park. Need I say it again...we have plastic pedals, pegs, and bar ends. Our bikes are less destructive than skate trucks! We rode the place for 20 minutes or so before a ton of skaters rolled in. The place isn't crowd friendly and is packed with 5-8 people trying to session the place at once so we hit the road.

We headed over to the Newington Skatepark later in the afternoon and the place was crowded as usual. Pro-hoes sitting on the ramps, little kids on scooters....typical Newington session. Ryan Staron was at the park blasting airs out of the big quarter. Total balls!...cause it was windy and the slightest gust could of been deadly! It was nice to ride 2 days in a row, but damn I'm getting whole body hurts! We capped off the day chilling around Steve's fire pit, good times for sure. Rest today, rain tomorrow, maybe some riding Tuesday?

Saturday Session Photos: CLICK HERE

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