We finally hit up the Middlefield Park today. Rumor has it the town decided to make the park skateboards only. No bikes, blades, scooters, etc. Talk about some BS discrimination! Regardless, we rode the place for 2 hours and nobody said a word to us. To our surprise the place already has a lot of chipping and cracking going on, proof that boards are just as destructive as bikes can be. Fortunately, we run plastic pegs, pedals, and bar ends so even if our bikes did hit the concrete no damage would be done and nobody could gripe at us. Bry pulled a really solid fuf which resulted in a great photo. We had a good time flowing around the place. Hopefully there will be more sessions to come at Middlefield. Later in the afternoon we hit up the Cromwell Park, which was infested with kids like usual. It was sunny and 75 out, so it didn't matter how crowded the park was, we were enjoying riding outside and the Spring-like weather. Bring on the sunshine!

Session Photos: CLICK HERE

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